Adjusting to Automaton and New Technology – Freight Transportation

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The Client
Western Transportation Advisory Council and the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training

The Challenge
Automation and new technologies play an increasing role in freight transportation. Workers will need to be retrained to use these technologies or find work in other sectors. Retraining programs take years to design and set up; this study was an opportunity to get out front of the issue and learn what other jurisdictions have done.

The Solution
After extensive secondary research, Ingenia identified 20 potential retraining programs of interest. We narrowed the focus to six case studies. We conducted 36 interviews with representatives from companies, associations, academic institutions, and unions in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. We interviewed 10 representatives from leading freight transportation companies and educational institutions in British Columbia for their views on the impact of technology and resulting training needs.

The Result
Ingenia produced six case studies outlining how other jurisdictions are preparing their workforces for increased adoption of automation and advanced technology. We also examined the extent to which industry, organized labour, and training providers in BC’s freight transportation sector are preparing their workforces for increased use of automation and technology. We prepared a final report that included recommendations on how the freight transportation sector and governments could prepare better for technology change.