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Starting a Green Business in Canada

Did you know that global trade in environmental goods and services is estimated to grow to US $1.9 trillion by 2020? Starting a Green Business in Canada is a practical guide for eco-entrepreneurs. It’s also great for existing businesses looking to operate in a more sustainable way.

Essential information for your business

Starting a Green Business in Canada is filled with the inside information you need! Learn the latest on:

  • Global environmental trends
  • The best green business opportunities
  • Starting operations
  • Financing your business
  • Marketing green products and services
  • Business for a better world

What reviewers are saying…

“I can’t say enough times how valuable this information is. Green business is not easy and this book is exactly what every small green business owner needs. If you are thinking about starting or have just started out on your green business journey, you will save yourself a lot of heartache by reading this book.”

Dr. Cathy Key, Chief Operating Officer, World Tree Carbon Offset Program

“The next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs is actively developing new products, services, and businesses aimed at creating a cleaner, greener world. Ramona’s book is exactly the applied, how-to guide they need, and its Canadian perspective fills a significant gap in our resources.”

Mark Bondar, Business & Economics Librarian, Simon Fraser University

“We have more than 13,000 titles of books we print. This is an outstanding book. It is not only for someone starting a green business, but for people who are already established and want to change how they do business. It has so many valid and interesting points and is a MUST READ!!! Excellent job!”

Craig Shemilt, Island Blue Print Co. Ltd.

Starting a Green Business is a refreshing, wonderful book filled with useful resources. Ramona demonstrates that you can take care of the environment, stand up for what you believe in, and still make a profit. I’d like to thank the author…Bravo!”

Dale Parker, Former Executive Vice President, Bank of Montreal

Starting a Green Business in Canada is $34.95 CDN plus shipping and handling and tax.

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British Columbia’s New North: How to Build Your Business, Respect Communities—and Prosper

Thinking of setting up shop in a region with projected investments of more than $100 billion to 2024?

British Columbia’s New North introduces you to doing business in the North. Filled with insights and practical advice, this book will inform, entertain, and surprise you. Learn more about:

  • Indigenous Peoples and partnerships
  • Opportunities with major projects
  • Setting up your northern business
  • Travelling and living in the North
  • Business tips from the locals

British Columbia’s New North is $29.95 CDN plus shipping and handling and tax.