BC Natural Gas Supply Side Scan and Strategic Plan

The Client

Resource Training Organization and an industry committee from the Canadian natural gas sector.

The Challenge
Developing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export sector in British Columbia will be a game-changer for the province and the Canadian industry. The massive labour requirements for these project means shortages can result in bottlenecks and cost and schedule overruns. Addressing risks related to the availability of skilled workers has become as critical to the major capital projects as obtaining capital and securing customers.

Companies will need the right workforce, in the right place, at the right time.

The Solution
As a first step, Ingenia completed an in-depth analysis of the labour supply for the natural gas industry in British Columbia. The supply-side report included an analysis of eight sub-regions with demographic and economic profiles, an assessment of trades and post-secondary training capacity in the province, inter and intra provincial worker migration, and 10 case studies of organizations working to increase Aboriginal participation in the trades.

Ingenia then worked to develop a comprehensive human resources strategic plan for the sector. We conducted focus groups in Northeast and Northwest BC. We also facilitated a one day planning session with 30 key stakeholders from industry, education, Aboriginal, immigrant-serving and construction organizations.

The Result
A holistic review and forecast of labour supply for the Natural Gas industry in BC to 2020. Strategic Plan that will form the basis for comprehensive action on labour issues in the sector.