BC Solid Wood Sector Human Resources Strategy

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The Client
BC Resource Training Organization and an industry committee

The Challenge
BC’s economy is built around the forest products industry, a sector that in 2011 accounted for 13 percent of the province’s exports and 160,000 direct or indirect jobs.*

Recent years have been tough, but with demand from Asian markets, the expanding use of wood in construction, and the beginning of the economic recovery, the industry will soon again be stable. The next five years, however, will be pivotal for the solid wood industry. The sector must quickly address human resources issues that, if left unattended, will limit the continued growth and prosperity of many firms and lead to the demise of others.

The Solution
Ingenia developed a five year strategic human resources plan. We synthesized existing BC and Canadian forestry and solid wood labour market studies. We then planned, facilitated and documented a one-day HR strategic planning session with an industry steering committee composed of senior HR executives from leading solid wood companies. A draft HR strategy was then developed and industry members and leaders were consulted for their comments and suggestions.

The Result
A Human Resources Strategy for the BC Solid Wood Sector lays out goals and actions for ensuring that companies can build and retain the workforce they need. By working together as a sector, firms can achieve much more than they can individually. This Strategy identifies priority actions for critical issues such as:

  • Replacing the 30 percent of trades workers that will retire by 2016.
  • Combating a global shortage and competition for trades and other skilled workers.
  • Attracting youth to the industry
  • Moving from an approach of “poach and hire” to one where companies are “employers of choice” with the skills, tools and commitment to attract and grow talent.

* Council of Forest Industries, BC Forest Products Industry at a Glance. Retrieved December 3, 2012 from http://www.cofi.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/COFI-BC-Ind-At-A-Glance-2011-June-27-2012.pdf